Inclusion through entrepreneurship


Social entrepreneurship


ProAbility team, participated at the Social Enterprise Day 2016
Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme

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Idei de afaceri

28 octombrie 2016

Prezentam 5 studii privind initirea unor micro-afaceri favorabile pentru  mediul rural, cu o investitie ce nu depaseste 20000 lei

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Studiu: Situatia economica si sociala a persoanelor cu dizabilitati vizuale (Octombrie 2016)

10 octombrie 2016

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Nou din Nou







Tudor makes us to be  proud !

Despite all the difficulties and different problems, Mr Tudor Psnetchi demonstrates spiritual power and an enormous desire to have an active  live..  His activity began a few years ago, when his father gave him 5 sheep.

In 2014,  he participated at  the  Business Plans Contest, organized by ProAbility  and  obtained 14000 MDL to buy a horse and a cart, which are needed for daily activities

Obtaining our confidence and demonstrating positive results, when Tudor has come to reimburse the loan ( in October 2014)  and again in  March 2016,  we decided to extend the reimbursement term and give him the opportunity to buy more sheep .

With a lot of effort and with our support, now Tudor has 31 sheep. 



Our Philosophy 

About social entrepreneurship

”Poverty is unnecessary. People are capable of getting themselves out of poverty. All they need is opportunities. They are not waiting for charity or handouts. Charity is good, but it is not good enough. If you turn it into a business proposition, then itís very powerful, because it can run on its own steam” Jason Fairbourne

About disability

The disability speaks about health condition and it has nothing to do with the person.

About our services

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.






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